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Helping you break free from disordered eating, fully recover, and reclaim your authentic self.

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Hi! I'm Anne-Claire

A Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach (Carolyn Costin Institute), Certified Befriending Your Body (BFYB) Teacher, registered yoga teacher (RYT 500), and mental health advocate passionate about helping others confront and overcome the eating disorder challenges I recovered from. 


Through 1:1 coaching, group workshops, and community support I help those in recovery meet their goals and transform their relationship with food, their body, and themselves so they can live a healthy, authentic and fulfilling life.


If you are suffering from an eating disorder, disordered eating, poor body image, or chronic dieting, and you are looking for someone who gets it and can give you non-judgmental, personalized support - you are in the right place!

P.S. I also provide guidance and support to Parents and Partners through 1:1 calls. Click here to learn more about this service. 




1:1 personalized support 

Regular coaching with between-session support, individualized, and based on YOUR goals.



1-time call to inspire and strengthen your recovery

75 minutes to cover the most important recovery skills or challenges YOU currently want to focus on.



Support and guidance for parents and partners 

A mix of education, professional guidance, and lived experience to help you understand and help your loved one better.

I reached out to Anne-Claire after years of being stuck in quasi-recovery (...) Reaching out to Anne-Claire was, without exaggeration, one of the best decisions of my life. She has so much knowledge about the actual evidence and science in all things EDs and recovery, but she also helped me move beyond intellectualising my recovery and engage with my inner healthy self and my emotional “whys”! (...) Anne-Claire gave me so many skills and practices I’ll keep with me for life.

E.T., Client - UK

Events & More Services



Join The Recovery Collective for community support

A safe online space to be inspired, educated, feel seen and supported, both by peers and professionals.



Opportunities to anchor into healing and nature 

Discover new embodiment and mindfulness practices, deepen your inner exploration & practice new skills and tools with others.



Online group workshops

Key skills and tools for your recovery, in a small group setting.

Thank you SO much for your help  – it really has been the push I needed to finally make a real, deep change to get better. I love how much we have in common. You inspire me by combining softness, calm, discipline & structure with self-awareness & knowledge, in a subject that is so abstract, unpredictable and subtle.  You really gave me hope for the future. Thank Yoouuu! 

Caroline - Belgium 

Contact me

I work with clients in person and online. 

No matter where you are located, I can work with you.

Fill in the form for 1:1 coaching to give me some brief details and set up a free discovery call (20 minutes) so we can get to know each other a little more!


For 1:1 re.charge and 1:1 re.inforce calls, fill in the form to receive date and time options, detailed T&Cs as well as all the additional information you need to book and get ready for our call.

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