eating disorder recovery coach

Why choose coaching?

  • Do you work with a therapist but feel you could benefit from extra support?

  • Do you sometimes leave the therapist's office feeling like you've had some big breakthrough but then find you are still having a hard time implementing new healthy skills & tools to replace disordered patterns?

  • Are you tired of obsessing over food and your body? 

  • Do you struggle with restricting, binging, purging, over-exercise or chronic dieting? 

  • Are you trying to practice intuitive eating and/or movement and in need of guidance?

  • Are your food habits and negative thoughts about your body keeping you from enjoying life? 


I can help. 

Our work together

As a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and someone who has recovered from her own eating disorder, I provide a safe, judgment free space to work together on your goals. I work with people from all over the world to overcome their eating disorders or disordered eating and make peace with their bodies.

I work in person and/or online, to help you:

  • Explore and work on motivation, patience and hope

  • Define your “why” for recovery, and what you are recovering to

  • Challenge and change disordered thoughts and cognitive distortions

  • Learn and practice new coping skills to address and heal disordered behaviors 

  • Improve your relationship with food and your body

  • Challenge fear foods and food rules

  • Implement intuitive eating and exercise 

  • Improve body image and explore body neutrality 

  • Develop and practice self-compassion 

  • Explore your core values

  • Explore mindfulness and mindfulness-based practices 


The focus of each session is individualized and based on your goals, as well as the goals of any treatment team you may have. 

I meet you where you are

Depending on your individual needs and stage of recovery, I work with you through a combination of: 

  1-on-1 talking sessions

  Meal support sessions

  Between-session goals and assignments

  After-hours support by text or email

Further details on coaching and common questions are answered in the FAQ below

Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching is different from therapy and is not a substitute for clinical treatment. It can however be a great addition or the next step in your recovery journey. If you are actively struggling with an eating disorder, I require that you also meet with a therapist or dietician. I may also require a note from your general practitioner. If you are working with a treatment team, I am happy to collaborate with them!