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1:1 support


I am incredibly grateful for working with Anne-Claire and she has truly transformed my recovery. With Anne-Claire’s passionate support and advice, I have experienced so much progress and wins over food, body image, self-compassion and envisioning my future recovered self. Anne-Claire is a wonderful coach, who makes me feel understood, never left alone and is the help I needed for my recovery and self-discovery journey!


A.S., Client - Germany



Working with Anne-Claire has been SUCH a HUGE benefit to my recovery process.  I’m growing faster and more confidently than ever before, and I know I have support every step of the way in doing so. I not only learn something new about recovery every session, but also about myself - with the perfect blend of challenge, love, and curiosity Anne-Claire brings. She is such a light in my recovery.

I cannot recommend working with Anne-Claire enough!

 S.T., Client - California, USA

I reached out to Anne-Claire after years of being stuck in quasi-recovery, having gone through some treatment previously but still feeling very much stuck in and with my ED. It took me a long time to seek further help, I kept thinking that other people might be able to recover but I was somehow different and that this is as good as it will get.

Reaching out to Anne-Claire was, without exaggeration, one of the best decisions of my life. She has so much knowledge about the actual evidence and science in all things EDs and recovery, but she also helped me move beyond intellectualising my recovery and engage with my inner healthy self and my emotional “whys”.

Anne-Claire met me exactly where I was at. It didn’t make the recovery process easy, because I don’t think recovery ever can be easy. But working with Anne-Claire made recovery feel manageable, like something I felt like I could actually achieve, and something that was, at times, also really enjoyable. She is compassionate and doesn’t put any pressure on you, while managing to call out all of your ED BS, bringing in her own personal experience, which was extremely helpful. Anne-Claire gave me so many skills and practices I’ll keep with me for life.

 E.T., Client - UK 

Anne-Claire changed everything for me. I was recommended her after admitting to my dietitian that I was lacking the motivation in between weekly sessions that was required to really recover. The whole method of coaching was by far the most effective method of treatment I’ve ever had - the constant check-ins from Anne-Claire made me feel so secure and knowing that she was there to message and listen to me whenever I needed in between sessions was the most reassuring thing.

When I was in a pickle, I could message Anne-Claire in the moment, and she would help navigate me out of it so I could move forward. Whereas before I would fester in those moments, wait for them to pass and not know how to navigate them next time they came around, which consequently demotivated me. Slowly but surely, these incidences became less frequent as Anne-Claire helped me to learn how to navigate them in the moment and then helped me to build the confidence I needed to navigate them myself.

Anne-Claire’s compassionate, kind and straight talking approach was the perfect combination. She made me feel heard and totally understood. I felt so validated and no one has ever made me feeler safer in their presence (even through a screen!)

The progress and life long changes I made with Anne-Claire were far superior than that of any other specialist. She taught me body neutrality, self compassion and how to put boundaries in place through verified scientific evidence. The importance of living rather than existing and how to prioritise myself. All of which stemmed into so many other aspects of my life, meaning that I was receiving a truly holistic type of treatment.

I never expected such a transformation in my self worth which has also inspired me to pass this onto others. I’m now such an advocate for full recovery, female empowerment and acting authentically. Even after finishing treatment with Anne-Claire, I know that I am not alone and she is supporting me in  everything I do. She is a truly special human and I wish everyone could have an Anne-Claire in their life! 

 R.H., Client - UK 


"The most beautiful people I have known are those who have known pain, struggle and suffering. But have found their way out of the loss. These people have an understanding, a sensitivity, and an appreciation of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." 


Thank you for guiding me. Thank you for your time and energy and commitment. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for knowing what to say. Thank you for your honest opinions, when I needed a reality check. You have not only helped me when I was feeling hopeless and despairing, but you opened up my eyes to recovery. I have a greater appreciation and understanding of a life without the unrelenting cacophony of an eating disorder. You have steered me in the direction of recovery, which promises a quality of life governed only by the rules of my own internal compass, and the values and principles - which you taught me - and which I now hold so dear. 

 S.N., Client - Ireland


Working with Anne-Claire as a coach has been a huge step in my recovery. I have never experienced support like this in the 16 years I’ve been trying to recover from an eating disorder. Working with someone who has recovered themselves gives hopes and allowed me more trust in the process. Anne-Claire could also pick up on ED thoughts and behaviours without me noticing or saying - and call me out which was important in facing disordered behaviours and becoming more of my healthy self. Realising the strength and determination of that healthy part of me and dialoguing has been a game changer. 

 Rebecca, Client - UK 

Working with Anne-Claire made a huge difference in my recovery right from the very beginning! 

With Anne-Claire I suddenly had that safe place where I could share my deepest ED struggles. It is so helpful to talk to someone who listens mindfully and non-judgmentally and who makes me feel seen and understood.

Anne-Claire is direct and holds up a mirror, calling out the BS of my ED if necessary - and still, she remains so kind and compassionate while doing so, that she makes the shame and guilt around my ED shrink and therefore makes me feel some relief.

At the same time, I learned so much about my true self, as well as helpful skills not just for recovery, but also for being human.

I am so grateful for the help she has given me and I wouldn't be where I'm at now without her support.

I can't recommend strongly enough to make that step and start working with her!

 C.L., Client - Germany 


I can confidently say that the advice, tools and ways of thinking Anne-Claire has given me will continue to be beneficial throughout my recovery. She made tackling my long-term eating disorder seem possible, and her cheerful yet very skilled approach made the sessions something to look forward to. I will be forever grateful for the vital part she has played in my recovery.

 Bethan, Client - UK 


After only a few weeks, I was already really happy about working with Anne-Claire. I was a little hesitant at first because I have never worked with any coach before. Anne-Claire made me excited to keep going further in my recovery, coming up every week with interesting and fun challenges for me, that kept me engaged in the process. She helped me so much to see my eating disorder from a different perspective and to try a new approach towards it. I admire her patience and her positive outlook on life. I would recommend her services to anyone who is struggling!

 M.P., Client - Poland 



Group workshops & retreats


Thank you SO much for your help, including before the retreat – it really has been the push I needed to finally make a real, deep change to get better. I love how much we have in common. You inspire me by combining softness, calm, discipline & structure with self-awareness & knowledge, in a subject that is so abstract, unpredictable and subtle. 

You really gave me hope for the future. Thank Yoouuu! 


Caroline, Client & Retreat participant - Belgium  


I was skeptical about coming but oh my have I been proven wrong! It has been a genuine privilege to join and it still feels surreal. I have learned SO much about myself and I never thought I would enjoy yoga so much. Thank you for enabling me to discover that.

You are honestly the kindest and most compassionate human I know. You have offered us unrivaled support and I have felt you always looking out for me.

I simply cannot thank you enough for the opportunity of this retreat and for you as a human. THANK YOU!

Rachel, Client & Retreat participant - UK

eating disorder recovery coach


I am so grateful to have been in your presence. You feel so grounded, quiet but with the right words at the right time. The balance between your softness, your power & your strength truly inspires me. 

Maureen, Retreat participant - The Netherlands


You are so amazing and have done so much for me already that I am forever grateful. I have gotten to know you more during this retreat, as a human, and I appreciate you even more now! You are such a special human, so sure, connected and strong. You are inspirational. Thank you for working with me. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today, here, without you. You are a life force. 


Ella, Client & Retreat participant - UK

Your inputs were eye-opening and helpful to see where I struggle the most and where I need to switch my perspective. I also like your approach of sharing about your own past as it normalizes so much, helping to mute the personal “disgust and self-hate” a little, showing me this isn’t me but my illness. 

I loved yoga! It is the gentlest practice I ever did and I appreciated it being open and flexible to adaptations, rest & doing things differently.

Thank you!

Coco, Retreat participant - Germany


Thanks to your yoga practices, you allowed my body and my mind to be available and receptive to the knowledge you were sharing with us. Well done for this talent and thank you for this gift. That is so very precious and generous. 

Margot, Retreat participant - Belgium 

Thank you, Anne-Claire. You are not only an amazing yoga teacher and coach, but also a kind, compassionate and insightful human being. Thank you for sharing this special place with us. Thank you for normalizing being introverted and needing alone time to recharge after social interactions. Watching you being confident and accepting the way you are without trying to be different has inspired me to do the same. 


R.S., Retreat participant - Italy




The re.charge session was exactly what I needed. An honest and loving push toward progress, making next steps doable and concrete. The call was very well prepared, with enough space for whatever came up during the session. Creating a big picture I sometimes loose sight of was exactly what I was hoping for.

Thank you Anne-Claire for your passionate input!


P.W. - Switzerland


I felt so seen and heard and validated. I am finally hopeful the week ahead will be a continuation of this trend in my attitude and intention when it comes to recovery goals. I have printed out what you sent me to look at and I definitely find these sorts of practical tools really helpful. Thank you!!!


C.F. - Australia

Retreat love notes


It has been incredible! This retreat has really moved me forward in my recovery and I’ve had so many realizations.

I loved connecting with everyone on such a deep level and I’ve learned so much! 


G.V. – UK 



Joining the retreat was the BEST decision ever. It was amazing to meet so many special people, to be around others who understand what I am going through, to be with others with whom I can be my true self, show my emotions and still be accepted. In the last 5 days, I learned so much more about my eating disorder and my struggles, about my needs and what I am missing at home. I understand so much more who I am and have a better idea of what need to be faced and challenged next. And I have more hope. 

Coco – Germany 


Insightful, helpful, eye-opening! 

R.S. – Italy 


The retreat was amazing! I arrived feeling burnt out and not actively working on my recovery for a few months. The retreat gave me newly found energy, inspiration and motivation to keep going.  Being together in the valley without external influences, in our own “bubble” gave much room (physically & mentally) to focus on why were there. It also added a layer of connection between participants, which I feel so grateful for. I really hope there will be another retreat I can join!

Anna – Germany 


I am thankful that I could be a part of this retreat. 

I am grateful for each hug, cry, and session – all helped to ground myself. 

I hope to find a place in my everyday like for similar helpful moments of reflection. 

D.N. – Germany 

OMG THANK YOU! What an adventure. This was SO powerful and FUN. I loved it and have no regret!

The content was great, well structured, with a logical & good balance between theory and practice. The facilitators were GREAT – I absolutely loved that you were perfectly complementary: in the content & knowledge you have, as well as your personalities. 


Caroline – Belgium 

Wow! This was more than I hoped for. I never wanted it to end! I have been surrounded by the most amazing women.


Ella UK

Words cannot describe how incredible the experience was. I feel completely changed. I feel I have understood myself at such deeper levels for the first time. The workshops were very informative, and understandable for someone who had NO idea about any of the content prior. I felt relaxed and safe, and length was just perfect. 


And you were beyond brilliant as facilitators! You made me feel SO welcome. Your presence is warm and joyful and you somehow always know the right thing to say. I cannot express how grateful I am for your unassuming, non judgemental kindness. I can’t remember the last time I felt this safe, loved and cared for. Your knowledge of eating disorders and of the spiritual wisdom is impeccable and you communicate it so well.


Rachel UK

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