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A selection of interviews featuring Anne-Claire Jedrzejczak


Meg and Anne-Claire are both mental health advocates and Eating Disorder Recovery Coaches with lived experience.
We believe in the power of sharing our own stories as well as practical tips to support your recovery journey.

(there are already 50+ episodes!)


A selection of articles for which Anne-Claire was interviewed and guest posts written by Anne-Claire:


  • "Je souffre d'anorexie mentale" by Manon de Meersman, published in Flair Belgique, 21 September 2022, pp.48-52

  • "The Internet: friend or foe?" by Anne-Claire Jedrzejczak, published on ProjectHeal's blog, 21 October 2022 and available here

  • "Finding your Healthy Self in Eating Disorder Recovery" by Anne-Claire Jedrzejczak, published on the TCN Clinic blog, 6 November 2022 and available here.

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