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I started. Now what?

Updated: Jan 21

In my first blog post, I mentioned how I am trying to come to this endeavour with the only aim of writing.

Not being great. Not being liked. Just writing.

Do I hope to be kind of good & liked?

Yes. Duh. I am human.

But that’s not the goal.

I just have the inkling that this is part of my journey. (A journey to where? That is yet to be determined.)

I need more character space than Instagram allows me to have. And I have more to write about than recovery from an eating disorder. I feel constricted when I only and exclusively write about recovery. Because I am still a human in progress. I still get to experience many shades of life. And maybe what is missing in what I am sharing is more of the “after”.

I use quotation marks because, yes, I believe in being recovered from an eating disorder. But as Kate Bowler would say there is "no cure for being human." And since Mia Findlay agreed when she wrote "we recover from an eating disorder, not from being human" I'm choosing to believe this opinion can't be all wrong.

So that’s where some of my writing will be rooted.

And as much as I am, finally (#patienceisstillnotastrength), accepting this vague yet true intention and reality of my sharing, I am also reminded of how very humbling and humiliating it is to attempt anything in life.

Because I could fail.

I know that my words won’t resonate with all. Maybe my mind is too weird and tangled up. Maybe my humour is too dark and sarcastic. Maybe the secret language of my soul is… well, too secret. Maybe my writing is bad. Maybe it will be obvious that English isn’t even my native language.

And yet.

Here I am. Writing. Willing to be challenged, to learn, and to get it wrong a little too publicly for my taste.

So I guess this is another post about myself and what I am trying to do over here.

I feel ok with that because I have planned to have another 1 or 2 posts up by the time the blog is live. Just in case you don’t connect with these and are thinking “where is the recovery stuff?!”

Still a recovering people-pleaser.

And that, too, is ok.


Anne-Claire Jedrzejczak (she/her) is a Carolyn Costin Institute Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500), and co-founder of The Recovery Collective. A former finance professional, Anne-Claire’s eating disorder recovery journey led her from the high-paced corporate world to the study of yoga, and eventually to eating disorder recovery coaching & mental health advocacy. She now guides others to meet their recovery goals, transform their relationship with food, their body, and themselves so they can live an authentic and fulfilling life.

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