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re-write, re-claim, re-align

a 2-week workshop to make journaling one of your most powerful tools in recovery and reclaim your identity beyond the eating disorder.

I know what it's like to feel like you don't have any sense of who you are because the loudest part in your mind is your eating disorder. Or how journaling to try and show up for your healing can quickly become a descent into a terrifying spiral that keeps you feeling stuck and hopeless.


There are strategies you can use to change the way you speak to yourself, the way you narrate your life, the way that you care for yourself on the page, and the ways that you take responsibility for who you become.


It may sometimes seem like we are meant to get angry at some of our parts and "just let go of them" but we are rarely presented with solid alternatives to find our voice, build a strong inner compass that can help us navigate recovery and life beyond. 

This course offers you practical tools to meet your Self on the page, rewrite the narratives that keep you stuck, reclaim your identity and power to build a life that is aligned with your values and dreams.


"It's normal to feel overwhelmed as you try to look at your Self. It's normal to buckle under the burden of responsibility that comes with recognising your freedom to shape and be who you are. The reward far outweighs the effort, though, I promise. The reward is you. The real you that lives an authentic, free and meaningful life."


Over the course of 2 weeks, you will get access to a series of pre-recorded videos and group calls to explore journaling and existentialism as practical approaches to recovery and self-exploration.


You will also receive a workbook including a recap of core concepts, suggested assignments and 100+ journaling prompts to practice and deepen the work.


A separate Facebook group will be created for the duration of the workshop where you will be able to exchange with others, ask questions and get guidance from me (Anne-Claire) every weekday.


You can find a sneak peek into the content of each section of the workshop below! 



  • Why is journaling a powerful tool in recovery and life? 

  • The different types of journaling 

  • Reasons not to journal... and why they are BS

  • Key journaling tips

  • How to get started



  • Why is an existentialist approach to recovery empowering and practical? 

  • Self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-compassion – building your inner compass (including values-based work, recovery and life goals, personal traits, the seasonality of recovery & life, responsible lesson-learning, and more!)

  • Using your personal inner compass when journaling 


Mindset and spirituality 

  • Future-self journaling: how & why this matters!

  • Spirituality in the context of recovery (including journaling with oracle cards - ‘cuz it’s fun and purposeful)


Journaling Compendium 

SO. MANY. PROMPTS. (in a non-overwhelming way, I promise!) for recovery & life beyond.

Join The Next Journaling Workshop 

The next program will run for 2 consecutive weeks, starting in September:


Monday 30 September until Monday 14 October


Your investment: 150 EUR*

*Early-bird discount available for The Recovery Collective Members and existing clients.

Reach out to me if you haven't received your discount code!

*Partial scolarships available if needed. Reach out to me by email for more information. 

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Frequently Asked Questions + Terms & Conditions

What is it and what does it includes?  


This is a psycho-educational workshop that will cover the topics listed above on this page. The workshop package includes:

  • Access to pre-recorded video presentations

  • 2 weeks of access to a private Facebook group with new skills, resources & videos shared throughout the length of this workshops 

  • A workbook (pdf file that you are welcome to print out!)

  • 2 x 1h group calls on Zoom and 2 x 30 min Q&A lives on Facebook

Who is this for? 


This is for anyone over 18 years of age, medically stable, able & willing to try new skills.

Where will this take place? Can I join from anywhere in the world?

The program is a mix of pre-recorded videos (private links to YouTube), live calls that will be recorded only for the duration of the workshop, and includes access to a private Facebook group as well as a companion workbook that will be sent the week prior to the start of the workshop. The live calls will take place on Zoom and may be streamed on Facebook while their recording will be made available through an unlisted link on YouTube (for the duration of the workshop + 3 days only). Links will be provided as we get closer to our starting date.

You can therefore join from wherever you are although I cannot guarantee that the times of the live calls will suit you best. 

Will the sessions be recorded?


A part of the workshop sessions are held via Zoom and these sessions will be recorded. By signing up to the workshops, you consent to such recording. These recordings will be available only to the participants to the workshops, for a limited period of time (until the end of the workshop + 3 days).  


You may choose to not participate to the live calls if you do not wish to be in these recordings. You will still have access to all pre-recorded materials, the workbook, the recordings of the live calls, as well as the Facebook group.

When will the workshop take place?

The workshop will run from Monday 30 September until Monday 14 October. This means that all video links will be shared and live calls will be held between those dates. This is also when you will have access to the private Facebook group.

Can I get a refund?


Unfortunately, no.


Who am I?


I am Carolyn Costin Institute Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, trained to offer ongoing services in the way of support and guidance for those suffering from eating disorders, focusing on helping clients with implementing behavioral and other changes necessary for recovery. I am also a Certified Befriending Your Body Teacher and Registered Yoga Teacher. 


I am not a medical doctor, therapist, dietitian, or otherwise licensed health professional, and I do not take the place of such persons who may comprise your treatment team; thus, I cannot and will not provide any sort of treatment or give any medical or health advice.


This is a psycho-educational program - enrolling in this program does not constitute a coaching relationship.

Other Terms & Conditions

By booking one or more workshop sessions, you confirm that you meet the requirements to attend such workshops (18+, medically stable, appropriate stage of recovery, supported by adequate medical and mental health professionals if relevant for you). 

The participation to this workshop is not transferrable and must be made by the attendee.


Things you discuss during the workshop will be kept confidential by me and will only be shared with other workshop participants.  Further information on how I process personal data that you share with me can be found in my Privacy Notice (available on this website).  

Any and all ownership rights, including any intellectual property rights (such as copyrights) or similar rights, as well as any license rights (as the case may be), in documents and other materials shared in the context of this service shall remain to lie with me (Anne-Claire Jedrzejczak) and shall not be transferred to you. You shall only have the right to use such documents and materials as explicitly allowed by me.  

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and save for cases of serious or intentional fault or gross negligence, I cannot be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of the services provided.  


These terms must be interpreted in accordance with Belgian law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.  

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