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The Befriending Your Body Program 

The BFYB™ ® program is a unique 8-week program of embodiment and self-compassion skills training for disordered eating and making peace with your body, food and self.



The first of its kind, grounded in the polyvagal theory and based on the evidenced-based practices of interoceptive awareness, self-compassion and mindfulness, this somatic program offers you a new approach to recovery and healing your relationship with your body and food. 


This program is a unique psycho-educational program where we will explore embodiment through the lenses of neuroscience and nervous system regulation to help you develop a new respectful and trusting relationship with your body, food and self for integrated and lasting healing and freedom.

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8 weeks

2 hours per week

small group




Each week, you will join me and other participants on Zoom, where I will teach you the primary principles of each phase of recovery and a new view along with guided practices and self-reflections to build the necessary skills in each phase to move you forward in your self-discovery, and your relationship with your body and food. 


Through learning the necessary skills of embodiment and self-compassion, you get: 


  • Better emotional regulation, including of the tough emotions that block recovery and keep you stuck such as shame, anxiety and fear

  • Greater self-discovery and awareness

  • Understanding of the internal workings of your body and nervous system

  • Awareness of how self-compassion soothes the toughest moments and keeps you moving forward

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This program was developed through Ann’s doctoral research, the writing of her book, a pilot study on the program, and over 30 years of her clinical knowledge working with those struggling with disordered eating and body image issues. 

I am so excited to help bring this new integrated form of recovery out into the world. The skills you will learn can be integrated alongside any other recovery program you may be doing. You will learn to never leave your body or self behind again! 

Join The Next BFYB Program 

The next program will run for 8 consecutive weeks, starting in September:


Tuesdays 24 September 2024 - 12 November 2024

from 6 to 8 pm CET


Your investment: 370 EUR*

*Early-bird discount available for The Recovery Collective Members and existing clients.

Reach out to me if you haven't received your discount code!

*Partial scolarships available if needed. Reach out to me by email for more information. 


Note that this program is also available through individual sessions. Please email me at if you are interested.

Certified Somatic ED pro


Frequently Asked Questions + Terms & Conditions

Who is this for? 


This is for anyone over 18 years of age, medically stable, able & willing to engage in this psycho-educational program.  

Where will this take place? Can I join from anywhere in the world?

The 8 sessions of this workshop will take place on Zoom. A link will be provided as we get closer to our starting date. You can therefore join from wherever you are! Please make sure that the times work for you.

Will the sessions be recorded?



When will the sessions take place?


Tuesdays from 6pm CET until 8pm CET (starting on Tuesday 24 September & ending on Tuesday 12 November). The first week will run for an additional 30 minutes (until 8.30pm CET).

What do I need?

The companion book to this workshop is Dr. Ann Saffi Biasetti’s "Befriending Your Body: A Self-Compassionate Approach to Freeing Yourself From Disordered Eating" which you will need to buy separately (the book is not included in the price of the workshop). More information will be sent in the weeks leading to the start of the program, including guidance on chapters to read ahead of our first session.

Can I get a refund?


Unfortunately, no.


Who am I?


I am Carolyn Costin Institute Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, trained to offer ongoing services in the way of support and guidance for those suffering from eating disorders, focusing on helping clients with implementing behavioral and other changes necessary for recovery. I am also a Certified Befriending Your Body Teacher, trained to specifically offer this 8-week program. 


I am not a medical doctor, therapist, dietitian, or otherwise licensed health professional, and I do not take the place of such persons who may comprise your treatment team; thus, I cannot and will not provide any sort of treatment or give any medical or health advice. 

Other Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in this workshop, you confirm that you meet the requirements to attend such a workshop (18+, medically stable, appropriate stage of recovery, supported by adequate medical and mental health professionals if relevant for you). 

The participation to this workshop is not transferrable.


Things you discuss during the workshop will be kept confidential by me and will only be shared with other workshop participants.  Further information on how I process personal data that you share with me can be found in my Privacy Notice (available on this website).  

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and save for cases of serious or intentional fault or gross negligence, I cannot be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of the services provided.  


These terms must be interpreted in accordance with Belgian law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.  

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